Why CleverHire?

The founders of CleverHire believe that the hiring/recruiting process is inefficient for all -
for employers and for job seekers.

For job seekers, it is really hard to get noticed. Job postings close quickly; job sites use software to screen applicants; and there are limitations to the resume and to the cover letter.

For employers, many get flooded with resumes; it's hard to select candidates; and coordinating interviews is inefficient.

We believe there is a better way.

CleverHire lists jobs and leverages 1-way video interviews from the start.

For job seekers, you can show your best self. You tailor your answers to the job and to specific questions; and it is much easier to coordinate and to submit.

For employers, you will learn more about candidates earlier in the process; you can share video submissions within your company resulting in improved team feedback; and we think you’ll get fewer, higher quality candidates as there is no “quick apply” in this process.

Candidate Screening Services

Leverage our candidate screening services to get a
curated list of premium, pre-screened candidates.

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