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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit a resume?

Yes. CleverHire enables you to upload a resume for any job posting.

Can I submit a cover letter?

Yes. CleverHire enables you to upload a cover letter. Each job posting will specify if a cover letter is required, or if it is optional.

How do I respond to the video interview?

You can use any device with a camera and an internet connection. You do not need to download any software. Once you start the application process, you will be sent a link to access your 1-way video interview.

How long do I have to complete the video questions?

Employers decide how long job postings are made available and how long you have to answer the video questions.

Can I re-record a video response?

Employers decide if you get one take or if you can re-record an answer. Each question will be labeled clearly.

How long is each answer?

Employers decide the maximum duration for each response. On average, answers are between :30 seconds and 2 minutes.

What if I want to turn my camera off when I answer the questions?

We recommend you leave your camera on. You can submit responses with the camera turned off. Employers are fully responsible for reviewing all applicants. CleverHire does not determine the impact of turning off your camera.

When will I hear about a job?

Employers are responsible for communicating with all applicants.

How do I know if my video responses were successfully submitted?

You will get a confirmation once your application has been successfully submitted.

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How do I post a job?

Go to our Product Page and pick the option that works best for you. Our most popular selection is “Video Interview”.  

How do I review applications?

CleverHire will securely send you the completed applications to review. You can select how frequently you would like the applications sent to you.

How do I pay?

CleverHire accepts all major credit cards.

How is CleverHire different from other places where I can post jobs?

CleverHire is a curated job board and it also uses 1-way interviews at the start of the application process.

At launch, CleverHire is focusing on jobs in the marketing, media and technology space. It includes sub-categories such as media planning, e-commerce, loyalty, CRM, SaaS and more. Over time, we may expand to different categories.

 1-Way Interviews:
It can be difficult and time consuming to coordinate live interviews; we believe 1-Way interviews are a more efficient way for employers review applications, specifically in an environment where remote work is common. We believe interviews are more dynamic and provide candidates a great way to show their best selves.

Can I limit the number of applications to review?

Yes. You control number of submissions. You can also control how long a job appears on CleverHire.

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